Domino bedside table by Sangiacomo

Click and find out more about the Domino bedside table: Sangiacomo bedside tables and furniture with drawers are ideal for modern spaces.

You have the opportunity to design an environment with coordinated furnishings or prefer new combinations, with the catalog of Sangiacomo bedside tables of which we are shopkeepers. Thanks to us you will be able to match the bedroom furniture with imagination, having at your disposal a wide range of modern bedside tables, like this model designed by Sangiacomo. Coordinated or not with the bed and wardrobe, the bedside tables must be selected according to the objective availability of space and aspiring to a balanced furnishing project. We offer a heterogeneous variety of modern bedside tables for the sleeping area, which give way to characterize the furniture with great functionality, useful space and good taste. To modernize the sleeping area with taste we have sought the most interesting creative ideas, including bedside tables different for: good taste, size, material. For the sleeping area in our showroom you will find various furnishing proposals in matt lacquer we present this special night storage unit: it is the Domino bedside table by Sangiacomo, a proposal of excellent workmanship.

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