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In a world contaminated by thousands styles with no personality, our noisy lives deprived from silence, where hurried men lack the time to observe, whilst searching for spaces where they can reflect; the need for change is strongly felt, either for a desire to renovate or for changes in daily needs, or maybe to recover a lost dimension and a true human warmth…

Home has the potential to become the most intimate and safe place where one can find tranquillity, harmony, balance, lost values…

All this can happen with the support, the suggestions and the proposals of a young and expert project designer. Resourceful, creative, up-to-date, he will be able to respond to all your requests needs and find multiple solutions to your needs.

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Furnishing Ideas

If you are looking for a furniture store near Imperia, discover our laboratory of ideas in Ventimiglia. A rich showroom of kitchens, custom-made furnishing solutions for the living area and complete bedrooms are waiting for you! Furnishing is the art of finding the perfect synthesis between infinite combinations, rediscovering lost moods and restoring man's authentic dimension: Profili - Idee x Arredare was born with this goal.

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