COUSIN round
Square cousin
In the
Central Park
Desco Ceramica Nero Greco
Iron Heat Treated Oak
Iron Rotondo Heat-treated oak
Iron Ceramica Statuarietto
Convivio Rovere Carbone
Convivio Ceramica Noir Desire Glossy
Convivio Round Heat Treated Oak
Convivio Ceramica Statuarietto Round
Obi Ceramics
Obi Heat Treated Oak
Obi Natural Knotted Oak
Glass lens
Vertigo Oak Clay
Vertigo Heat Treated Oak
Vertigo Noir Desir
Bistrot Heat Treated Oak
Bistrot Oxide Brown
Bistrot Caramel Knotted Oak
Desco Charcoal Oak
Desco Square Extendable
Desco Oak Clay
Shanghai Ceramics
Shangai Rotondo with Lazy Susan
Pegaso Glass
Pegaso Ceramica
Wood Pegasus
Living Wood
Living Glass
Living Ceramica
Manhattan Glass
Manhattan Ceramics
Treble Glass
Master Wood

A wide range of tables

The lines designed by the best brands allow you to choose between round, oval or square tables; also as regards the materials, the possible alternatives are various: wood, glass, metal and stone. If you are used to having many guests at dinner at home, choose a non-fixed table model and you will always have a comfortable seat at the table for each guest. More and more often, nowadays, the kitchen is one with the living room and there is no longer a defined differentiation between the two environments: the choice of a good model of an essential table. In the dining area, whether it is separate or obtained in the living area, the choice of tables will depend on the space available, the functions and the style of the environment, so that it is easy and of great aesthetic value. In a not too large domestic room, a table of proportioned dimensions should be placed to match the most suitable chairs, so that it can get the best from the available space. The general indication not to make mistakes when buying a table for your home says that the space necessary to freely move the chairs around it is foreseen, for total livability.