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The House is a private and intimate space that represents one of the most personal expressions of our being and which reflects our lifestyle, taste, harmony. Relying on an expert who can guide and inspire us means giving life to a dream: owning a place where we take shelter and living fully the present, getting the old values back in our lives.
br> PROFILI s.r.l. Idee x arredare has always distinguished itself for being a “laboratory of new ideas” aimed at making every project something unique and exclusive. In years, PROFILI has always kept in mind how important creativity and passion are in the workplace and how delicate and multiform the interior designer’s task is to achieve the goals of this activity.

The company has always considered that the goal to be achieved is to find spaces and solutions corresponding to the customer’s needs, through a more thorough understanding of the final user – psychology, tastes, desires, expectations, goals – with a view to obtaining the ideal solution for complete furnishing solutions, both modern and classic, in private and public contexts.

This leit-motif, strengthened by the creativity of the owner and supported by the seriousness and professionalism of his staff, continues to be the trump card, bringing PROFILI to appreciable results profiles in Italy, French and also European, with awards and satisfactions.

Composed of experienced employees in each sector, the company has a consolidated experience, offers innovative, customised services and especially a full and varied assistance articulated in various steps such as: design and advice developed and cutting-edge techniques – 3D-design, specialized interventions, restructuring and internal architecture accurate, carpenter works customized realizations.

Furnishing is an important endeavour: It does not mean only putting together, binding and disbanding items that are appealing and attractive. It does not mean only choosing rational furniture, ergonomic shapes that are easy to use, or technologically evolved utensils, avant-garde furnitures and complements.

Furnishing is not only the ability to define a space through a distinctive style, or through lines, colours, surfaces, volumes, materials, light effects or the care for details.

Furnishing is the art of finding the solution that can be declined in infinite combinations, of suggesting new atmospheres, recovering ancient moods, creating spaces that fit the man, where one can free his fantasy, where the old and the new, the classic and the innovative design, the “family item” or the high-tech object, can live together and elevate each other, talking about the past and projecting towards the future, in a perfect balance that repays the man with his true dimension.

PROFILI – idee x arredare was created with this goal…

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