Wall units

Living Asia
Living Kronos
Living Kali
Living Time
Cabaret 84B sx
Composition frame 12
Even & Odd 01
I ModulART 16
Lampo Open 35 right
Lightning Open
Meeting 12 hanging
Base Cabaret 5E
Cabaret 53B SX
Lightning L6C10
Domino Clino
Frame composition 15

Hanging shop for your home

To complete the living room furniture with a hanging composition in a workmanlike manner, you will have to take into account your personal style, the style of the place and your living needs of practicality and space. Whether you intend to use these hanging compartments to hold everyday objects rather than purely decorative, you will surely find the quality solution for you. In a small living room, or in a purely minimal chic environment, the wall units are essential: they decorate spaces by embellishing them, combining qualities of practicality and design. Nowadays the wall units are practical and multifunctional pieces of furniture, appreciated in the last times especially because, being attached to the walls, they do not take up space at floor level. Thanks to the practically infinite choice of shapes, sizes and materials available on the market for shelves and wall units, it will be easy to embellish domestic walls by organizing them with logic and rationality. Since the wall units are versatile furniture, open or closed, composed in a thousand forms or linear, they will fit well into an environment of any kind, which is always practical and of great aesthetic value.