Modern kitchens

Glass 2 0 01 with peninsula
Glass 2 0 03 with peninsula
Glass 2 0 06 with island
Glass 2 0 04 with peninsula
Kalì 11 with island
Kalì 07 with peninsula
Kalì 04 with peninsula
Kalì 13 with island
Asia 06 with island
Asia 02 linear
Section 10 n 01 with island
Section 10 n 05 with islands
Time 07 with peninsula
Time 05 with island
Time 03 with peninsula
Time 04 with peninsula
Kronos 04 angular
Kronos 06 with island
Kronos 02 with peninsula
Section 10 n 03 angular
Wega 05 with peninsula
Wega 01 with peninsula
Wega 03 with island
Cloe 02 with island
Cloe 01 with peninsula
Frida 01 with peninsula
Frida 03 angular
Frida 04 with peninsula
Tekna 05 with peninsula
Meg 02 with peninsula
Round 01 with island
Wire 01
Wire 02
Thread 03
Wire 04
Wire 05
Thread 06
dress me 01
dress me 02
dress me 03
dress me 04
Zero five
Area 22 handle 03
Area 22 Gorge 02
Area 22 30 degrees 01
Area 22 30 degrees 02
Area 22 Jobs

Modern Kitchens shop of the best brands

A small kitchen is more functional if furnished with modern modular custom-made furniture and accessories, with simple and minimal shapes, which allow you to move freely and always have everything at hand. Our exhibition center of Modern Kitchens houses the solutions of the best brands on the market to offer each customer a constantly updated selection, both from the point of view of aesthetics and from the point of view of practicality. If you want to discover new fashions and trends, visit our showroom and contact our furniture consultants for personalized assistance from the design to the realization of the kitchen area you've always dreamed of. The new solutions have larger containers, lowered plinths, deeper modules and vertically developed design elements, to allow greater optimization of the environment. Kitchens in modern style like them for their functionality, for their well-defined style and because they are ideal for furnishing small spaces, as well as open spaces, as they can be made to measure. More and more often without handles, they have uniform fronts with groove opening: this is one of the most identifying characteristics of these solutions, in fact the groove opening gives a sense of essentiality, rigor and sobriety to the kitchen area.