Siena Comò
Dolly Gruppo Notte
Sigma Cassettiera
Wing Cassettiera
Club Comò
Club chest of drawers
Globe Dresser
Inside chest of drawers
Sibari Dresser
Wing chest of drawers
Weekly Ambrose
Hanging box Bedside table
Start Wheels Bedside table
Low ground box Bedside table
High floor box Bedside table
Start Nightstand
Start Matt lacquered Bedside table
Weekly Start
Support box Bedside table
Ghost Group Night
Domino Group Night
Cabaret Group Night
Night group status
Filo Night Group
Cidori Night Group
Night group abacus
Babila Group Night
Night Together Group
Flat Dresser
Square Como
Cube Dresser
Weekly Cube
Joy Chest of drawers
Soft Chest of drawers
Twist Dresser
Weekly Twist

Bedside tables and chests of drawers shop

These pieces of furniture are beautiful and useful: they offer a generous space for ordering various objects, they prove to be a comfortable support surface and they customize the overall mood of the room. When you want to buy the furniture to be combined with the bed in your bedroom, you have to evaluate the shades, shapes and proportions of the model compared to the rest of the furnishings in the room. The many types of bedside tables available on the market can be bought according to a precise idea of style or they can be placed side by side with furniture made in specially contrasting finishes. The room is by far the most private place in our home: the choice of quality furnishings for you is essential to create an always soothing and pleasant setting. Available in a large variety of conformations and charming finishes, the bedside tables and chests of drawers are essential accessories in the sleeping area and are always designed with extreme attention to detail. The bedside table is a much loved complement in the bedroom: simple to set, these pieces are placed alongside beds of all kinds, enhancing their beauty and completing their practicality.