Cube chest of drawers by Giellesse

Discover Giellesse modern bedside tables and chest of drawers! The Cube Dresser model built in matt lacquer is the optimal solution.

Matt lacquered bedside tables and night groups for modern environments: discover the Cube Dresser model shown in the photo

By consulting our rich offer of pieces for the sleeping area you will have the opportunity to take inspiration from a large catalog of bedside tables, including this one from the Giellesse brand. Giellesse is the established manufacturer, which offers bedside tables in matt lacquer, which are characterized by the aesthetic aspect, and the quality of the materials. When purchasing bedside tables it is important to check the aesthetic appearance, the finishes, and also the location, carefully looking at the dimensions. To furnish the bedroom we show new ideas that stand out for functionality and aesthetics, like this solution of modern bedside tables. The Cube Dresser by Giellesse is an excellent element to contain that allows you to add an additional touch of style to the bedroom, relying on quality materials. The containers for the modern sleeping area, like the model you can see, harmoniously combine with any type of furniture, classic or design style.

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