Island chest of drawers by Giellesse

A rich catalog of Giellesse drawer units: modern wooden bedside tables, such as Island, are among the most exclusive solutions.

Chest of drawers made of dark wood with throat drawer opening

Bedside tables are bedroom furniture items that allow you to arrange and keep small everyday things close at hand. With our excellent bedside tables you have the possibility to optimize the space, without forgetting the aesthetics. The models of modern bedside tables that we offer allow tailor-made combinations or even deliberate contrasts with the other pieces in the room. The Island chest of drawers by Giellesse is an eclectic storage unit, as it fits with taste in any context, giving comfort and aesthetic content. This type of bedside table is made of wood, the result of innovation, in order to obtain a resistant and practical complement. Among the models of wooden bedside tables we offer this of the Giellesse brand, which are available in our catalog of furniture to contain modern.

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