Twist bedside tables by Giellesse

If you want to know more about the Twist model, click and discover the Giellesse bedside tables and dressers ideal for your bedroom.

Bedside tables made of light oak wood with a modern design

We provide a wide variety of modern bedside tables for the bedroom, which allow you to make the furniture particular with a lot of practicality, surface to contain and class. Coordinated or not with the bed and wardrobe, the bedside tables must be chosen according to the objective possibilities of space and pursue a harmonious interior design project. For bedroom in our shop you will see many proposals of wooden furniture we present this special element to contain night: it is the Twist bedside tables by Giellesse, a model of excellent workmanship. To refurbish the bedroom with taste, we have grouped the most captivating design ideas, including bedside tables different for: class, size, material. You will have the opportunity to create a room with matching furniture or prefer elegant combinations, with the catalog of Giellesse bedside tables of which we are resellers. In the shop you will be able to combine the furnishings of the room with personal style, having at your disposal a rich variety of modern bedside tables, like this model from the Giellesse brand.

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