Flat bedside tables by Giellesse

If you want to know more about the Flat model, click and discover the Giellesse bedside tables and dressers ideal for your bedroom.

Bedside tables in dark oak with black handles and round feet

Among the brands of which we are resellers, you can also find Giellesse, of which we recommend one of its modern bedside tables, to customize the room with taste. The appreciated Giellesse company includes a varied production of wooden bedside tables, defined by exclusive design and contemporary functionality. To get inspiration in designing the furniture, here is this solution of a versatile and valuable wooden storage element, to coordinate with your furnishings. The rest area also includes bedside tables: strategic containers that allow you to arrange objects and rely on support surfaces for various uses. Among the different furnishing solutions for the rest area we have a large offer of modern bedside tables, of which you have the opportunity to admire this model in the photo. The Flat bedside table by Giellesse is a beautiful example of an element to contain useful for different stylistic atmospheres, resistant and versatile, it was made of wood.

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