Classic wall unit Living Frida 02 by Arredo3.

Click and find out more about the Living Frida 02 equipped wall by the Arredo3 brand: it is the solution with classic lines that is perfect for you.

Wall system with classic lines made of Arredo3 wood

On the wall or in the center of the room to optimize an open space, the most exclusive furniture compositions on the market furnish the living room by optimizing the available space. To meet everyone's diverse housing needs, the brand offers its customers a rich catalog of classic Wall Units that are particularly functional and characterized by a refined aesthetic. The Classic Living Wall Unit Frida 02 by Arredo3 in the image has customizable modularity and various customization possibilities: discover the wall unit shown here and contact us for more information and quotes. Enhance your interiors with Arredo3's classic Wall Units: in our store, you will find designer furniture and accessories, made of durable materials and from the best brands.

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