Classic Verona 01 kitchen with peninsula by Arredo3

Time to organize the kitchen? Opt for the Verona 01 model with Arredo3 peninsula among our Classic Kitchens with peninsula.

Arredo3 Classic Kitchens: a rich catalogue of wooden solutions awaits you, such as the Verona 01 model with peninsula.

If you are looking for a product with a classic appeal, which lasts for a long time while maintaining the original aesthetic value, opt for a classic kitchen in resistant and high-quality wood, like the one available here. Discover a rich range of brand solutions in our store: the complete Arredo3 collection awaits you! Only with the most beautiful peninsula solutions will you be able to set up the environment by following your personal housing problems but in perfect classic style. The Classic Kitchen Verona 01 with peninsula by Arredo3 in the photograph offers a welcoming, elegant and sophisticated mood, a spokesman for the typical romantic aspect of Classic Kitchens.

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