Office partition Kira1V single sheet by IVM

Are you looking for Office Furniture from the best brands? Discover the different solutions of metal office partitions, such as the Kira1V model by IVM.

Office partition wall Kira1V single slab by IVM: an almost infinite choice of office partitions and metal proposals for your Office Furniture

Design your workspace with the brand's metal office partition wall solutions - the vast collection of furniture for your office is waiting for you in the store. IVM produces high quality furniture, always able to facilitate various requests as regards both aesthetics and functionality. The model in the photo, among the different models of office partitions by IVM, will add personality and elegance to the spaces, equipping them by combining logic and coherence. In the shop you can touch all the most exclusive metal office furniture compositions available on the market, always of great quality. Office partition wall Kira1V single slab by IVM: it belongs to the practically infinite choice of furniture for the working spaces of the brand, leader in the world of Office Furniture.

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