Base Lampo Basic 30 TV stand by Sangiacomo

Click and discover the Base Lampo Basic 30 Sangiacomo model: this TV cabinet in matt lacquer is among the most beautiful solutions for the living room.

A wide choice of modern TV cabinets made of matt lacquer is waiting for you together with the Base Lampo Basic 30 model

In a rich series of modern TV cabinets by Sangiacomo, the model in matte lacquer shown in the photo stands out, a mix of practicality and design. If you decide to characterize your home with this Lampo Basic 30 TV cabinet by Sangiacomo, you can make good use of the shape and dimensions of the rooms, enhancing them. For displaying the TV and arranging various objects, a matte lacquer TV cabinet with modern references by Sangiacomo like this one will not disappoint you. TV cabinets are furnishings for the living area designed for various purposes: they are indispensable allies for enhancing and optimizing space, making it livable. The living area needs to be a charming, livable, and well-furnished place, so the purchase of a good TV cabinet model makes a big difference.

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