Cabin 01 walk-in closet by Giellesse

Are you looking for a Cabin 01 Giellesse wardrobe? Click now! Built-in wardrobes with hinged doors await you.

Cabin 01 wardrobe with hinged doors for modern spaces: discover the wall solutions for the bedroom

The built-in wardrobes with hinged doors are essential furnishings in a respectable rest area, furnished to the best, practical and easy. In our showroom you can choose all the most exclusive modern melamine wardrobes with hinged doors available on the market, always of excellent workmanship. These furnishings find a place in the bedroom, to optimize the spaces by embellishing them: you can select them according to your particular needs. Walk-in closet Cabin 01 by Giellesse in melamine: among the various modern wall models by Giellesse, it combines aesthetic content and practicality. Among the different compositions of the firm, this melamine model fits well into a sleeping area complete with modern beds and bedside tables. In the wardrobes with hinged doors we store clothes and assorted objects and, if equipped with drawers, they provide additional useful space for ordering and storing.

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