Upholstered fabric bed Pacific by Ditre Italia.

Click and get information on Upholstered Beds: if you are looking for modern double bed designs, the Pacific model by Ditre Italia is perfect for you.

Pacific upholstered fabric bed by Ditre Italia: a rich range of upholstered double beds awaits you

To best complete the furnishing of your bedroom, it is essential to evaluate the combination of the bed with wardrobes and bedside tables, accessories, and anything else: if you want modern furnishings, the model in the photo is perfect for you. The Upholstered Fabric Bed Pacific by Ditre Italia is one of the most innovative products of the brand, synonymous with durability over time, quality of finishes, and a unique design. Contact us and discover more about our series of upholstered double beds: enhance your room with our solutions. This is a solution of great taste, which brings with it all the quality guaranteed by the brand's years of experience in the sector.

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