Charme bed in Bianco lacquered wood by Giellesse

The Charme Bianco wooden bed, among the modern double container models by Giellesse, is ideal for guaranteeing you the best rest.

Discover the Charme Bianco wooden model in the photo: it's perfect for you if you're looking for double beds.

With us you will be able to create the bedroom just as you have always imagined it, beautiful and functional as well as complete with a vast range of modern accessory elements. The well-known brand is the specialist in good sleep: a wide range of double models with headboard, also made of wood, awaits you in our showroom. With Giellesse wooden double beds, including the model in the photo, you will have beautiful and very functional furniture in your bedroom. The beds are the center of every rest area, essential furniture to ensure a complete and regenerating rest and the right support for the spine. Charme bed in Bianco lacquered wood by Giellesse: it will prove to be ideal for modern spaces, it is a proposal designed to guarantee total relaxation every night.

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