Iseo di Sangiacomo bedside table

A rich range of Sangiacomo drawer units: modern bedside tables in matt lacquer, such as Iseo, are among the most beautiful proposals.

Optimize your room: discover the modern bedside tables and dressers including the Iseo model in matt lacquer

The Iseo bedside table by Sangiacomo is a beautiful example of a container suitable for different stylistic settings, resistant and versatile, it was conceived in matt lacquer. The rest area also contains bedside tables: furniture to contain everyday use that allow you to arrange small things and have shelves available for different uses. The well-known Sangiacomo signature includes a large production of matt lacquered bedside tables, characterized by a unique design and contemporary functionality. Among the various furnishing offers for the rest area we have a large offer of modern bedside tables, of which you have the possibility to select this model in the photo. Among the producers of which we are distributors you have the opportunity to also find Sangiacomo, of which we show one of its modern bedside tables, to furnish the environment with taste. To get inspiration in completing the furniture, we present this container solution in matt lacquer, versatile and precious, to match your furniture.

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