Twist chest of drawers by Giellesse

Do you want to set up the sleeping area with Giellesse bedside tables and dressers? We present the Twist wooden dresser model for modern spaces.

Optimize your room: discover the modern bedside tables and dressers including the Twist wooden dresser model

The bedside tables are furnishing objects in the sleeping area that give the possibility to arrange and keep necessary objects available. With our selected bedside tables you can best optimize the spaces, without forgetting the aesthetic aspect. The proposals of modern bedside tables that we recommend allow combinations of different tastes or contrasts with the other elements selected for the room. The Twist dresser by Giellesse is an eclectic container, because it fits with class in any interior, bringing practicality and aesthetics. This type of bedside table is made of wood, the result of innovative techniques, with the aim of obtaining a durable and functional furniture. Among the types of wooden bedside tables we recommend this signed by Giellesse, which you will find in our catalog of modern containers.

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