Twist chest of drawers by Giellesse

A rich catalog of Giellesse drawer units: modern wooden bedside tables, such as Twist Settimanale, are among the most original proposals.

A rich range of night groups Modern wooden bedside tables: choose the value of Giellesse proposals

Looking at our exhibition of wooden bedside tables, you have the opportunity to discover the style and practicality of this solution: a piece of furniture by the Giellesse signature. Among the design ideas for the sleeping area, here is the Twist Weekly by Giellesse, made of wood, a practical but equally captivating complement. Bedside tables do not necessarily go with the style of the room, you can play with textures and colors to customize the room. Elegant support surfaces, resistant structures, surface to contain: in the modern bedside tables that we show you can visit these fundamental properties. Our best bedside table proposals differ in materials and design and contribute to giving a distinguishable style to the room, like this wooden solution. We present you compositions of modern bedside tables that offer numerous design solutions, giving you the ability to customize the sleeping area.

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