Start Bifacial dividing bookcase by Clever

Click and discover the modern dividing bookcases! The Clever Bifacial Start Bookcase model will be able to complete a practical and operational living room.

Melamine library by Clever, designed to furnish modern settings and make the environments functional and comfortable.

Discover in our showroom our line of dividing bookcases from the best brands of home furnishings. The Start Bifacial dividing bookcase by Clever is ideal for giving character to your spaces: the different proposals of the brand will allow you to perfectly furnish an operational and practical living room. Thanks to Clever's Start Double-Sided Divider Bookcase you can change the mood of your home, enhancing every space with excellent aesthetics. In the showroom you will find different models of modern dividing bookcases for the living room, such as the melamine model in the photo. With the melamine living room furniture shown here you can recreate a unique atmosphere, characterized by the decisive lines of this model.

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