Frame Wall Unit composition 6 by Giellesse

Do you want to furnish a dynamic and operational living room? Introducing the Giellesse Frame composition 6 wall system with bold classic lines.

Equipped wall with classic lines with wood finish: discover our Casa Giellesse furniture

The Frame Wall Unit composition 6 by Giellesse fits well into a practical and beautiful living room: our classic Wall Units await you. If you want to follow a precise stylistic line when buying furniture for your home, opt for our classic Equipped Walls. Giellesse proposes a composition capable of making the living room a comfortable and stylishly furnished space, thus combining practical and aesthetic qualities. Among the many furniture for the living room we have, we present you a wooden wall unit of excellent quality, perfect for combining practicality and design. Made of precious materials, the Equipped Walls in wood furnish the living room with style and make the room comfortable and beautiful to look at. The model in the photograph is one of the most original classic Equipped Walls of the company: in our store you will find the perfect solution for your stay.

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