Shin Sofa foldaway double bed by Clever

If you want extremely compact or transformable solutions, click and find out more about Clever foldaway beds in matt lacquer.

Clever space-saving furniture and accessories are the best on the market: discover the Shin Sofa foldaway double bed by Clever

The products made in matte lacquer by the brand offer your bedroom a touch of elegance and charm, for a space dedicated to maximum comfort. In our store, you can experience firsthand the different solutions in matte lacquer by Clever, including customizable and transformable models from top brands. The right type of bed should follow your personal taste and a unique idea of style, the only thing that matters is that it fits the dimensions and functions of the environment. The bedroom is the most intimate environment in the house, dedicated to daily sleep, so the furniture should always create a calming atmosphere. With Clever's space-saving matte lacquer Murphy beds, including this design model, you will have beautiful and welcoming furniture in your bedroom. In a small-sized bedroom, the Clever Shin Sofa double Murphy bed finds space, designed to guarantee total relaxation and optimal support for everyone.

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