Mito di Riflessi handcrafted mirror

Complements and mirrors complete the home furnishings, filling the space in a useful way and making it very functional and of great aesthetic value.

Mirror with aluminum frame

In the shop you will be able to see live all the most original compositions of the renowned brand, including those complete with modern metal mirrors. From the bedroom to the living room, these accessories are inevitable objects to perfectly complete the functional qualities and aesthetic value of the rooms. The Riflessi brand is synonymous with quality and style: visiting our shop means relying on the company's many years of expertise and passion. To enrich indoor spaces in the best possible way, a note of style is enough to be achieved by inserting some quality complements among the rest of the furnishings. Class and practicality characterize the many solutions of the company, including this model of Mito di Riflessi handcrafted mirror in metal with a great aesthetic impact.

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