SMS letter-shaped coat rack by Mogg

Complements, accessories and Mogg coat hangers: find out how to enhance your interior design with the SMS model.

Hanger letters to put together to form any type of word or message

In the shop you will be able to see live all the most beautiful compositions of the well-known brand, including those complete with plastic design hangers. From the bedroom to the living room, these accessories are inevitable objects to best complement the practical qualities and aesthetic value of the rooms. The Mogg signature means excellence and style: visiting us means relying on the many years of professionalism and passion of the brand. To best embellish the interiors, a detail is sufficient to be obtained by inserting some quality Complements in the middle of the rest of the furniture. Elegance and practicality characterize the multiple solutions of the brand, including this model of Mogg SMS letter-shaped coat stand in plastic with a strong aesthetic impact.

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