Filomuro internal swing door by Movi

If you want interior design swing doors, click and discover the Filomuro Battente Vetro glass model by Movi!

The Filomuro Battente Vetro indoor glass model from Movi is ideal for swing door systems and is waiting for you.

The internal swing doors by Movi are suitable for truly sophisticated interior design projects, able to make the rooms livable with logic. With the proposals available in the showroom, it will be easy to divide the rooms of the house rationally and coherently, mixing practicality and aesthetic value in the best possible way. The vast collection of trendy finishes and colors that the brand creates for its compositions makes them suitable for different interiors. The Filomuro internal swing door by Movi in glass made in Italy guarantees the quality that we all require for our furniture, thanks to well-studied lines and practicality. Visit us to learn about the glass swing solutions proposed by Movi: in our store you will be able to see live only the most exclusive proposals.

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