Thesi Swinging Glass Interior Door by Movi.

Are you looking for a stylish design door? Here is the Thesi Battente Vetro model among Movi's interior swing doors.

The Thesi Battente Vetro indoor model by Movi with aluminum frame designed for swing systems awaits

These furnishings are useful for separating the domestic environments of your home with rationality and coherence, without neglecting your personal taste and needs. With our swing door interior design, you will manage the spaces efficiently, ensuring the necessary intimacy between rooms and a high aesthetic content. Functionality and ergonomics distinguish all the furnishing compositions of the brand, including this Movi Swing Glass Interior Door with an aluminum frame. In our showroom, you can purchase swing or sliding interior doors from Movi, ideal for completing contemporary home design. This example with swing doors from the Movi company allows for different combinations, for the use of a nearly infinite range of materials and current tones.

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