Ikebana Lamp floor lamp by Mogg

With Mogg floor lamps you can enrich your premises: click and discover the Ikebana Lamp design lighting!

Design metal floor lamp: discover this and many other models of interior lamps

With the furnishing solutions of the company, such as this proposal of the Ikebana Lamp floor lamp by Mogg in metal, you can perfectly illuminate your home by combining functionality and style. The light sources illuminate every gesture of life at home: every interior requires different lighting, suitable for its housing issues. Mogg guarantees the highest quality in terms of aesthetics and technology for every lamp, equally important in the field of lighting technology. Remember that lamps enrich the home decor by creating unique charming atmospheres, but they also accompany you in every gesture of everyday life. Take a look at our series of interior floor lighting design and we will ensure your total satisfaction at the end of the project.

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