Amber mattress by Dorelan

Sleep experts! Here are the Dorelan double spring mattresses: click and find out more about the Ambra model.

The Dorelan Ambra Mattress awaits you: it will guarantee optimal support for your spine

The well-stocked range of solutions from the well-known and renowned brand ensures that everyone can find the most suitable mattress model for their needs. Thanks to innovative finishes and production processes, Dorelan defines itself as the sleep expert: its solutions of excellent quality are waiting for you. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep, visiting our store will allow you to see firsthand all the best sleep solutions on the market. The Dorelan Amber Mattress ensures correct support for everyone, that is, the proper posture for the spine during the night. Dorelan's double spring mattresses stem from years of precise research on the actual body needs related to relaxation.

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