Parquet shop

The parquet finishes underline the natural grain of the wood or reproduce elements of the flora or fauna, in such a way as to be ideal for completing rooms of any style. The formats available for the slats are various, since they must adapt to rooms of various sizes: our solutions are versatile decorations to be applied with professional laying solutions. Parquet gives the floors of the home environment a particular effect of warmth, hospitality and charm: expressive materiality, strong aesthetic impact and robustness are combined with them. The essences among which to space for your Parquet are varied and thanks to our original solutions available in the shop, even the home coverings are elements of high quality. From the liveliest shades to the softest shades or to the particular fashionable tones, Parquet is nowadays presented as a very versatile, functional, resistant and highly aesthetic covering. The great care and passion with which our Parquets have been worked, guarantee a certain style and keep intact over the years the connotations originally of the best woods used.