Mulberry wallpaper by Glamora

Click and get information on a rich range of modern adhesive wallpaper: the Gelso model by Glamora is waiting for you!

Practicality and style are among the aspects that, with a certain style, distinguish the collection of modern adhesive wallpaper from the Glamora brand. In addition to enhancing home furnishings, the right type of wallpaper will be able to convey vitality and serenity in the room based on the subject represented. The Gelso wallpaper by Glamora will allow you to perfectly embellish your home, thanks also to the fact that it is made of various quality materials. Discover in our showroom the most original proposals of the well-known and renowned brand and you will be able to see firsthand their particular qualities, as well as their value. The well-known brand produces excellent quality furnishings with which to embellish one of the rooms in the house where you spend part of the day with style.

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