Start P16 bridge bedroom set by Clever

Furnish modern rooms with Clever bridge bedrooms! The Start P16 model in melamine is for boys.

Start P16 Clever loft room: a wide range of loft rooms for boys awaits you.

If you are looking for design ideas to perfectly decorate your children's room, we offer you the Clever Start P16 bridge bedroom with melamine finish. Clever has a rich catalog of accessories to be made to measure: you will find a bed, wardrobe or walk-in closet, desk, chairs and bookcases. Bring design and bright colors to the room dedicated to the little ones with this proposal, one of the Clever children's bridge bedrooms. In furnishing the children's room entrusted to us: in our store we offer all the most exclusive modern furnishing compositions for their room. This melamine solution optimally completes the practical qualities and aesthetics of the bedroom, as it is capable of combining functionality and ergonomics.

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