Suspended bathroom furniture with freestanding sink Cartabianca 06 by Cerasa

Furnish the designer wellness room to perfection with Cartabianca 06, suspended bathroom furniture and accessories in Cerasa wood.

Cerasa Bathroom furniture: discover a wide range of suspended wooden bathroom furniture, including the Cartabianca 06 model.

In the store you will find not only toilets and bidets, but also all the other accessories included in the bathroom project: discover the most exclusive proposals for suspended bathroom furniture. The proposals of the well-known brand are always built with high-quality finishes, capable of withstanding the action of steam and cleaning agents over the years. The bathroom is no longer just a service room: the same care is dedicated to its design as to the other rooms in the house. The bathroom furniture design of the most renowned brands nowadays guarantees compositional solutions to create high-quality and well-furnished environments. In our store, you will have several offers of Cerasa compositions available to decorate the space dedicated to personal care at home. The model of the suspended bathroom furniture with freestanding sink Cartabianca 06 by Cerasa in wood completes the room by combining elegance with functionality and ergonomics.

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