Bathroom furniture in lime lacquered and melamine Segno 05 by Cerasa

Get information on designer bathroom furniture: floor-standing bathroom furniture in matt lacquer like the Segno 05 model by Cerasa awaits you.

Cerasa Design Bathroom Furniture: choose this model in matte lacquer among different options of floor bathroom furniture.

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer just a utility room; on the contrary, equal attention is given to its furnishings as to other living spaces. Come and visit us to discover this and the other excellent quality models from the brand we showcase. We guarantee complete satisfaction with the finished project. We offer a wide selection of shapes and colors for bathroom furniture design, including Cerasa's floor-mounted bathroom furniture, always dedicated to maximum personalization. The model "Mobile da Bagno" in matte lacquer and lime-treated calce, Sign 05 by Cerasa, presented here, combines originality and design with extreme elegance. The well-known brand offers compositions for all types of bathrooms, making the furnishings truly customizable, functional, and versatile. Thanks to the wide range of bathroom furniture design solutions with Cerasa's floor-mounted bathroom furniture, every space becomes beautiful and livable.

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