Kids space 13 bedroom by Nidi

Click and get information on the Kids space 13 girls' bedroom! The Nidi mezzanine bedrooms await you.

Kids space 13 model with melamine finish designed for girls: discover all the mezzanine solutions

The loft bedrooms for girls from the renowned and well-known brand are available in various versions, always meeting the needs of children. Discover in our showroom the Kids Space 13 bedroom by Nidi in melamine: it perfectly adapts to create a welcoming, beautiful, and well-organized environment. First-choice materials and eco-friendly paints characterize the brand's proposals, including the modern loft options ideal for you. The accessories available for Nidi's loft bedrooms are always adaptable to avoid any space and practicality issues. If the room has limited dimensions, there are various solutions that Nidi proposes, always able to combine functionality and ergonomics.

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