Lampo L6C32 Wall Unit by Sangiacomo

If you want to complete a practical and dynamic living room with modern lines, we present the Lampo L6C32 Sangiacomo equipped wall.

Among the Sangiacomo modern equipped walls, here is the Lampo L6C32 Finitura model

Sangiacomo offers original living room furniture models, different in style and configurations, finishes and accessories: discover in our showroom the Home Furniture from the best manufacturers. Get inspired by a wide range of furniture for the living area and you will find the wall unit that suits your needs. Since the living room must be a spacious and beautiful space, some beautiful and practical furniture such as Wall Units are essential. The Lampo L6C32 Wall Unit by Sangiacomo in the image is one of the most exclusive furnishing solutions on the market: customizable modularity and various design opportunities make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. Matte lacquered living room furniture with modern lines like the model in the image are truly versatile and capable of furnishing the living room by optimizing every corner.

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