Lampo L6C37 Wall Unit by Sangiacomo

Click and find out more about the Lampo L6C37 equipped wall from the Sangiacomo brand: it is the ideal solution with modern lines for you.

Among the Sangiacomo modern equipped walls, here is the Lampo L6C37 Materiale model

Wall units have acquired an important place in the living area of our homes: they are multi-functional and space-saving furnishings that can always be custom-made for you. This wall unit is one of the solutions from the brand and will allow you to set up the living room according to your personal housing needs. Through a dynamic combination of open shelving and closed compartments, modern wall units furnish the living room, making the most of every space. For information and quotes on the Lampo L6C37 Wall Unit by Sangiacomo in the photo, contact us! The proposed model is made of wood, but thanks to a wide variety of finishes, shades, and shapes, it can adapt to different styles.

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