Kitchen Design Factory Key Cucine

Are you looking for a Key Cucine kitchen? The Factory marble model awaits you in our kitchen design shop with island.

The Factory design model with simple shapes is waiting for you to optimally complete your environments

This fascinating proposal, signed by the well-known and well-known brand, is one of the models made of marble: however, you can request it in several finishes. In the shop you can see firsthand our rich line of Design Kitchens with high-class island by Key Cucine, always of excellent quality. Keep in mind that the room in question is an environment prone to damage from water vapor and heat: the proposal in the image therefore requires proper cleaning and maintenance. The purchase of the furniture will depend, in particular, on the shape of the room, its style and your need for space, practicality and containment. On the market there are different types of design kitchens of great charm, in various colors and current materials and multiple shapes. Choosing this Design Factory Key Kitchen in marble means designing spaces fully enhancing them, without doing without style.

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