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Shabby chic kitchen shop

The "scruffy fake" atmosphere of these rustic chic kitchens is actually carefully designed in all aspects, in fact the various furniture and accessories must recreate an always romantic and harmonious setting. To create a composition in perfect shabby style, rely on our showroom: we constantly choose only the most original solutions and lines from the best brands in the sector. The most appreciated colors as regards the realization of these solutions are white and the most subtle tones, such as cream, light gray, lavender, powder blue and ivory. Our exhibition center of Shabby Chic kitchens reserves impeccable services and complete 360 ° consultancy, to accompany you during the furnishing of a classic, refined and elegant style home that reflects your personal taste. The most significant elements inside these kitchens are certainly natural and aged wood, capable of evoking a vintage setting typical of this refined furnishing idea. The Shabby Chic kitchens are so appreciated for their romantic and refined flavor, which evokes the old English cottages and the ancient country houses of the last century, warm and welcoming but above all intimate.

Shabby Chic style kitchen shop