Arlott Low sofa by Ditre Italia

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Discover our line of modern lounges: choose linear Ditre Italia sofas such as the Arlott Low model

Discover a wide range of linear upholstery from the best brands and optimize the living room you've always wanted. Ditre Italia, leader in the production of sofas, has created an elegant and refined leather upholstery for the model in the image. Arlott Low sofa by Ditre Italia : let yourself be teased by our proposals for modern upholstery that can guarantee comfort, functionality and style in your living room. The living room is the center of the living area of every home, the upholstered furniture are furnishing modules around which you can spend moments of rest and socialization. The Salotti are a truly essential living area, to be designed with care by placing sofas, armchairs and poufs.

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