LIRICO sofa by Driade

Click and get information on Driade's modern living rooms! Multiple models of sofas, such as LIRICO, await you.

LIRICO sofa by Driade: discover the most beautiful proposals of linear upholstered furniture.

If you want a fabric composition, discover a rich catalog of high quality linear sofas. Furnishing your living room by evaluating combinations of style, colors and accessory elements is of primary importance: with the Driade Salotti you can recreate the furnishing project you've always wanted. LIRICO sofa by Driade : all the brand's products are a guarantee of resistance over the years, quality of finishes and coverings, decisive shapes and a unique design. A rich range of modern sofas and armchairs is waiting for you in our showroom. In the showroom you will find a wide range of linear sofas, some of the ideal elements for organizing your living room with style and functionality. If you are looking for one of the modern Salotti models with fabric sofas, coming to the store will allow you to discover the most original proposals signed by Driade.

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