Picasso P2 sideboard Goccia door by Riflessi

Are you looking for a new beautiful and functional sideboard with modern lines? Here is the Picasso P2 Anta Goccia model by Riflessi, made of glass.

We are waiting for you with a wide range of modern compositions for the living room such as the Picasso P2 Anta Goccia model

The modern sideboards, including the model in the photo, make the living room or dining room beautiful thanks to their unique design and large storage features. If you are a furniture enthusiast and you are always up to date with the new trends in the field, our shop with design sideboards is the perfect place for you. To enrich a monochord environment or to better design your home, a sideboard like this will be essential. The brand has selected highly precious materials to build the sideboards it designs, so that they are resistant and aesthetically beautiful: this sideboard is made of glass. Discover in-store the Picasso P2 Anta Goccia sideboard by Riflessi: among the most beautiful offers of the brand, it stands out for its truly peculiar qualities of practicality and aesthetics.

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