Maryanne Lounge leather armchair by Bodema

Click and find out more about Bodema's modern armchairs! Various leather models, such as the Maryanne Lounge, await you.

Discover the modern armchairs: Maryanne Lounge is one of the leather models

Discover a wide variety of upholstered furniture and you can create the spaces you have always desired. Bodema, a leader in the production of armchairs and sofas, has designed an elegant and refined leather covering for the model in the image. Maryanne Lounge leather armchair by Bodema: let yourself be fascinated by our modern proposals. Armchairs are a truly essential design element in different rooms, from the living room to the rest area, environments that need to be carefully organized. Upholstered furniture are furnishing modules around which you can spend moments of relaxation and socialization.

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