Modern kitchen with Filo 04 island by Dibiesse

Modern kitchens with island: click and discover a rich range of solutions from the Dibiesse brand, including the Filo 04 model.

Modern matte lacquered model Filo 04 by Dibiesse, part of the collection of Kitchens with island.

If you want a solution with geometric lines , characterized by a less "heavy" design, we suggest that you direct your choice towards the Modern Kitchens of the Dibiesse brand. When you choose a modern kitchen, you must give priority to the way you experience your premises, to optimally design your furnishing composition. Different modern proposals with island for the kitchen area await you, ideal for those looking for an intimate, simple and immediate space but modern in style. What makes the Modern Kitchen with Filo 04 island by Dibiesse one of the most beautiful solutions of the brand, in addition to its beautiful decorations, is the material: it is built in matt lacquer to ensure comfort and durability over the years .

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