IVM Skate Operational Session

If you are looking for IVM task chairs, click and find out more about the Skate model in fabric for the working environment!

Discover our collection of executive chairs and office furniture in IVM fabric, like the Skate model.

If you are looking for quality furniture for a working environment, IVM ensures design, ergonomics and safety in all its lines of beautiful and useful office furniture. This solution is available in the store: we will guide you in designing a respectable working environment, thanks to the products of the main brands on the market. Skate Task Chair by IVM: part of the Office Furniture series that the brand creates, capable of combining functionality and style. The IVM task chair proposals in fabric have materials suitable for embellishing work spaces by combining rationality and coherence. Coming to the store means evaluating products characterized by innovative finishes and captivating shapes, the result of the company's many years of professionalism.

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