Eclipse Wood Table by Ozzio

If you are looking for modern dining tables, discover the extendable models by Ozzio: click and discover the Eclipse Legno model in wood.

Round dining table and extendable with wooden top

The dining room and living room are home environments dedicated to hospitality, to meals around the table or to parties with family and friends. These furnishings, in addition to fulfilling an indispensable role, can embellish the interiors thanks to precious materials and well-studied lines. The extendable tables for the dining area or for the living room are to be chosen with great care, so that lines and sizes are well suited to the destination room. Discover this model and the other Ozzio wood dining proposals in the shop: there will be models that are ideal for modern venues. In the wide range of Ozzio solutions available from us, there is also the model available here, an example of all the excellence guaranteed by the brand. The Eclipse Legno di Ozzio wooden table, which is ideal for connoting the mood of the environment by combining practicality and design, awaits you.

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