Nori Slatted outdoor table by Kristalia

Click and discover a rich catalog of modern extendable dining tables! Kristalia's Nori Slatted model is waiting for you.

The Nori Slatted outdoor table by Kristalia is waiting for you to complete a kitchen or dining room area with modern references

In our website dedicated to Home Furniture, you can find everything you need for the living area or the kitchen area. Prefer the furniture and wooden accessories from the best brands to complete your spaces with practicality, without ever forgetting the aesthetic value. If you want to renew the modern furniture pieces you have at home or buy them from scratch, with us you can see and touch the most beautiful solutions on the market. In the showroom, you will find a rich catalog of extendable tables from the best brands, including the dining model visible in the photo. When choosing the right table for you, you need to consider measurements, shapes, materials, and style to optimize the space with great aesthetic value.

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