Zed Wood Table by Riflessi

Click and discover a rich catalog of modern extendable kitchen tables! The Zed Legno model by Riflessi awaits you.

Riflessi extendable tables, including this Zed Legno kitchen model for modern spaces, are waiting for you

Tables are inevitable pieces of furniture in every home, as they optimize the dining area, the kitchen as well as an open space living area with functionality and style. With the extendable tables that we offer in our store, you can see live the most original Riflessi solutions and find the one that's right for you. One of the wooden kitchen models that we propose certainly has its right seat in rooms with modern references, organizing them with rationality and coherence. These pieces of furniture are the center of sociality at home: around the table we gather with friends and relatives for moments in company as well as for lunch. The quality of the finishes and the technology of the production processes make this model of Zed Wood Table by Riflessi the optimal solution to complete your home. To avoid making mistakes, the purchase of the ideal solutions for you must consider the style of the furniture, the size of the room and dedicated activities.

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