Modo M6C66 Equipped Wall by Sangiacomo

Do you want to set up a dynamic and operational living room? We present the Modo M6C66 Sangiacomo wall system with modern decisive lines.

Modo M6C66 Wall Unit by Sangiacomo: discover one of the most beautiful solutions in glossy lacquer to furnish the living room with us

The Modo M6C66 Wall Unit by Sangiacomo in the photograph, made in glossy lacquer, solves the most personal living space and style problems without sacrificing aesthetic research. Even in a fairly small living room, this type of furniture is able to optimize space by making the most of every corner and ensuring customizable modularity typical of modern solutions. If you are looking for space-saving furniture that can be made to measure for you, contact us and find out more about Home Furniture from the best manufacturers. This proposal represents all the excellence that the brand ensures thanks to many years of professionalism and great passion in the furniture and design sector. A little bit bookcases, a little bit of furniture and display units: the Equipped Walls are ideal for equipping an operational and practical space.

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